Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trip Expense Report: Mt Kinabalu Climb

Climbing Mt. Kinabalu will require two days. You have to book an overnight accommodation in one of the cabins managed by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges. Here's the link:

When Kate, Monique, and I climbed what used to be known as the highest mountain is Southeast Asia* in February 2010, the rate we got was RM 1,476 for 3 pax or RM 492 per person. 

Package inclusions are as follows:
1 night accommodation at Laban Rata 
3 x Packed Lunch from Balsam Cafe
3 x buffet dinner at Laban Rata Resthouse
3 x super breakfast (2:00 am) at Laban Rata Resthouse
3 x breakfast at Laban Rata (after coming back from the peak)
3 x buffet lunch at Balsam Restaurant, Kinabalu Park
3 x Climbing Permit
3 x Insurance

Other fees/expenses we paid in cash:
Entrance Fee: RM 15.00 
Mountain Guide Fee: RM 28.30 (RM 85.00 for 3 climbers)**
Porter Fee: RM 45 (including tip)
Certificate (optional): RM 10.00
Bus to Kinabalu Park: RM 15.00
Van to KK: RM 40  (RM 120 for 3 persons. It's just an estimate, i forgot the exact fare)

Total expense per person: RM 645.30

I've heard that some people finished the climb in only a day. Attempting to do the same would require quite a stamina.  We weren't up for that kind of challenge. 

* Mt. Hkakabo Razi in Burma is the highest in SEA at 5881 MASL
**Your guide is also your porter. 
Sending you happy thoughts...

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