Friday, March 26, 2010

Conquering Mt. Kinabalu

4,095 meters above sea level. naked granite rocks. chilling wind. neverending rocky paths. cliffs and ravines. thin mountain air. walking, climbing, and crawling in freezing darkness. hours and hours and hours and hours of trekking.

a walk in the clouds. a canopy of bright stars. a glorious sunrise. pitcher plants. dwarf trees. amazing flora. a tranquil sunset. breathtaking vista. mafia squirrels. mighty senior japs. kate and muy, my great and fab travel buddies! min, the okray, superhuman guide. life-saving walking sticks.

torn pants. sore muscles. murdered feet. sunburn. a very upset stomach. a punishing migraine. wobbly, jelly knees. useless cam with drained batteries.

One truly amazing, unforgettable experience!

So, will i do it again? Yes, but only if i don't have to shell out a single centavo. I'd like to try the Mesilau trail and experience the via ferrata! ;)

Atop Low's Peak

The South Peak a.ka. the False Peak (because you'd think it's THE summit)

Skiing? Nah! 
We met this gracious man from Brunei who was bent on finishing his 5th Mt. Kinabalu climb. He's got blisters on his feet but he endured the long climb and the punishing journey back.  Gotta give him props for sheer determination.  

Laban Rata: Our home above the clouds

Looking up at Low's Peak

Going down the steep walls

St. John's Peak a.k.a Gorilla Face Peak

Low's Peak Signage: Finally!

*photos by me, Kate, and Muy.

Sending you happy thoughts.....

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