Sunday, August 3, 2014

Great Finds at the Books for Less Warehouse Sale

Great new for bibliophiles like me: Books for Less is having a Grand Warehouse Sale this entire month of August!  All books sell for only P10.00 each!

I woke up early on a Saturday morning to go to the Book for Less Warehouse Sale, aiming to get first dibs on the books.  I had to drag my brother out of bed so I'd have my navigator slash bodyguard slash kargador. *insert evil grin here*

We arrived at the warehouse located in Mercedes Avenue, Brgy San Miguel, Pasig at around 9:30 am.  Considering it was a rainy morning, we were surprised to see a lot of people already rummaging through the boxes and mountains of books.  I guess nothing can deter bibliophiles from making way to the grandest books sale ever. :)

I jumped for joy when I saw the amount of books on sale.  It was indeed a feast for book lovers! I didn't know where to start the book hunting so I decided to survey the area first.  I noticed the children's books where stacked in the center tables and the hardbound books where lined up on the shelves on the right side of the warehouse. The rest of the books where strewn everywhere, including the floor.  

Caveat: for people who are neat and order freaks, the place is definitely not for you! On the other hand, if you're a cheapskate like me, if you thrive in chaos, and find thrill in hunting for bargains, you'd adore the place.  There's nothing like finding your favorite titles amidst a sea of tangible literature!

After almost two hours of rummaging through thousands of books and wishing that the other bargain hunters would suddenly decide to let go of the books I covet , my brother talked me into finally paying for the books we hoarded.  He reminded me that I still have to go the office, which absolutely sucks because it was a Saturday.  I asked him to fall in line while I take another round of the warehouse, hoping to find more books to buy. Yes, I'm such a book bargain addict. 

We ended up taking home a big box of books. So what's inside the mystery box?  37 assorted books consisting of classics, suspense thrillers, history books, educational books, and activity books.   The great news is I paid only P370.00! Such a steal, right? 

As my brother literally dragged me out of the warehouse, I made a vow to return.  Tons of books are waiting to be rescued! (I hope my brother doesn't read this!)  

Have you been to the Books for Less Warehouse Sale?  Care to share your treasure finds? :)

Sending you happy thoughts...


  1. My friend and I are going tomorrow, but are all the books really priced at P10 each? I'm looking for coffeetable books, so I'm guessing those are priced higher? Thanks!!!


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