Saturday, December 20, 2014

Project Lakbay Aral Goes to Museo Pambata

A total of 47* indigent kids/students from Delpan, Tondo, Manila enjoyed their field trip to the Museo Pambata last November 29, 2014 .  The young ones excitedly traveled back in time to learn about Philippine history, traditions, and culture. 
They had a grand time journeying inside the human body through a tunnel maze and gained a deeper understanding of how our bodies work. They were also oriented on the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy diet.

The children also learned about the pressing issues concerning the environment, especially climate change, and likewise got acquainted with the creatures of the sea and the rainforest. They also got a refresher on their lessons on their rights as children and were given an opportunity to see how the other parts of the world look like through a visit to the global village.

The kids were also encouraged to visualize themselves doing a particular career through role playing. They also took a trip down history and got inspired by the heroism of the brave Filipino freedom fighters.
After the tour, a special program and bonding session with the outreach activity donors and volunteers was held. The kids were treated to delicious snacks and were given loot bags containing school supplies, hygiene products, and goodies.



Much, much thanks to our donors, sponsors, and volunteers! Your generosity is simply amazing! 


*The intended number of kid-beneficiaries is fifty (50). Unfortunately, for one reason or another, 3 kids were not able to join the study tour. Funds allotted for their entrance fees were used to sponsor the entrance fees of two Delpan community leaders and two VIDES social workers/volunteers. :)

Sending you happy thoughts...

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