Monday, March 17, 2014

Mangrove Planting in Cavite

No lazy Sunday morning for me. I woke up before dawn and traveled with my friend, Janet, to Noveleta, Cavite where we met up with Lira and her family.

Lira, who is an ardent advocate of the protection and preservation of the environment, opted to celebrate her birthday differently. She decided to support the Cavite Coastal Rehabilitation Project and invited her family and friends to join her in planting mangrove propagules.

I'm glad I signed up for the adventure. To get to the planting area we had to ride on makeshift bamboo rafts, navigate through murky waters, and trudge through a muddy, slippery mangrove forest. 

We slipped and slid while we planted more than 3,000 mangrove propagules. No one was spared from getting mud on their clothes, hands, and feet. We got stuck in knee-deep mud (or even deeper). Some of us also had to crawl on all fours at some point in time. 

Planting under the sweltering heat of the sun proved to be very taxing. Seeing the rows of mangrove propagules we planted, however, made all the effort very much worth it. In three years' time, the bare patch of land we earlier worked on will be a part of the existing mangrove forest. 

After the planting activity, we headed to Villa Mar Beach Resort where we freshened up and had sumptuous lunch courtesy of the birthday girl.

Sending you happy thoughts...

Some photos were shamelessly grabbed from Lira and her Tito Ramon's FB pages. 

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