Sunday, June 9, 2013

Taal Volcano Trek

If you are a weekend warrior like me, who can only do short vacation trips on weekends, you may want to try hiking Taal Volcano in Talisay, Batangas.  It can be done in half a day.

From Buendia, hop on a bus going to Lemery or Lipa. Fare is around P96.00. Tell the conductor that you are getting off in Tanauan. From the bus stop, walk a few meters to the market and ride a jeepney bound to Talisay.  

In Talisay market, you can find who people who can make the boat rental arrangements for you. The rate is usually P1,500.00. You still have to shell out additional P50.00 per person for the trekking fee and P200.00 to P300.00 for the tour guide fee. 

We opted to arrange the boat rental with the Taal Yacht Club for P1,900.00. We also paid additional P300.00 for the trekking and tour guide fees. It's a bit more costly, but we had the convenience of using the club's facilities. (You definitely need to clean up after the trek.) Plus, the club is a truly wonderful place to chill out after the hike. You can also leave your backpacks with the caretakers so you need not bring them with you during your trek. 

Prepare to be bugged by people offering you to take the horse for P500.00. If you are relatively fit, you definitely don't need a horse. It's more fun to trek on foot. 

You can reach the crater viewing deck in 1 hour or so. Descent is easier. Just pray that it doesn't rain during your trek! 

Travel essentials: Sunblock, water, hat/cap/bandana, handkerchief, trail food. Bring an umbrella or raincoat  so you won't get soaked in case it rains.

Tip: You can also reach Talisay via Tagaytay. Just ride a jeepney to Talisay or rent a tricycle (P250.00).

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    1. It's a relatively easy and enjoyable hike. Just be wary of the uber persistent touts. :)


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