Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ariel's Point

What is a trip to Ariel's Point like? 

First, you'd have to wade into neck-deep waters (at least for me!) to get on the party boat. 

Enjoy a thirty minute ride to the adventure island while drinking rum cola, beer, or softdrinks and listening (and dancing) to upbeat music.

Jump off the cliff to your heart's content. You may opt to jump from any of the platforms, the 
highest of which is 15 meters above sea level. If you don't have the guts to jump, just watch the 
crazy ones throw themselves into the turquoise waters.1

Feast on an eat-all-you-can barbecue lunch and socialize with new-found friends. Take advantage of the unlimited drinks.

Swim, snorkel, paddle. Jump off the cliff some more!

You may opt to explore the island, take a panoramic snapshot of the amazing view, hunt for monkeys, or doze off in one of the hammocks.

Help yourself to a wonderful snack of caramel banana.

Jump off the cliff for the last time.

Hop on the party boat, enjoy unlimited booze, enjoy the scenic view as you sail into the sunset.

How to book a trip to party island:
You may book a trip to Ariel's Point at the Boracay Beach Club preferably a day before your intended trip schedule.  You may also just show up at around 11:00 am at Ariel's House, which is located along Boracay's White Beach in Station 1 between Club Paraw and Obama Grill, and hope there are still slots left for that day's trip.  Contact 63 (036) 2886770 or 63 (036) 2884853 for more details. 

Sending you happy thoughts...

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