Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Peek at the Playground of the Gods

"As I watched the morning sun paint 
the pearl gray sky with a symphony of magnificent colors, 
I came to know and understand why they refer to this place 
as the playground of the gods." 

I have underestimated Mt. Pulag.                                  

By comparing it to Mt. Kinabalu, I gained an arrogant confidence that conquering its highest peak via the Ambangeg Trail would just be like a walk in the park. 

Indeed, technically, the trail proved to be a lot easier, but what made the experience truly challenging was the chilling temperature we had to endure as we settled for bivouac at Campsite 2.   At 5 degrees celcius, the biting cold was unforgiving. It definitely made sleeping in a pitched tent under a canopy of stars next to impossible. Scaling the summit with very little shuteye also proved to be very difficult a task. 

Nevertheless, the long trek was all worth it. We were so much blessed because the heaven smiled upon us. Not a drop of rain fell as we raced to the top. 

As I watched the morning sun paint the pearl gray sky with a symphony of magnificent colors, I came to know and understand why they refer to this place as the playground of the gods. 

Notice the sea of clouds. Absolutely awesome, right?!
The Lord created a truly amazing world, I breathe a prayer of gratitude.

The highest peak in Luzon beckons me to come back. You bet, I will!

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Sending you happy thoughts...

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