Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thoughts on EDSA

I was in 2nd grade when the EDSA People Power Revolution happened. I had a very vague idea then on what was going on. My mom, who was pregnant with our youngest sibling, just asked me to pray with her for the safety of my dad who was among the military rebels holed up in Camp Crame. We also prayed for the safety of the nuns, priests, and ordinary people who willingly went to EDSA to serve as human shields and barriers. With the grace of God, the events did not end in bloodshed. What happened was a peaceful revolution, a revolution that has become our unique legacy to the world. 

Those who were too young to remember, especially those who were born years after EDSA, I hope would not value the People Power Revolution too lightly. It was never about the Aquinos, never about Ramos, Enrile, and the other prominent personalities of the past. What we celebrate now, as we memorialize what happened in EDSA in 1986, is the indomitable spirit of the Filipinos, the willingness to unite for the cause of freedom and democracy, the courage to walk shoulder-to-shoulder and face the odds armed with FAITH and PRAYER. We have shown the world our strength as a nation and people -- that we value peace and love for our fellowmen more than anything else. That is the true spirit of EDSA, the spirit we all hope would live on and lead to genuine social change. 

Sending you happy thoughts...

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