Saturday, June 19, 2010

In and Around Kuala Lumpur

We've been in and around Kuala Lumpur for our Regional Development and Security Study.  Too much to see and explore, but too little time.  It's good I found time to shop!

Will share stories later (when I finally have the time). Meanwhile, let me share some snapshots.

Playing with lights

Garden outside Istana Negara

A Sculpture at the Plaza Tugu Negara

"Barong-barong" at the Plaza Tugu Negara



Supreme Court Building, Putrajaya

Another government building in Putrajaya

Somewhere in Purtajaya

Putrajaya Building

Westports Building

View from the top of Westports Building

Windshield Tour of Port Klang

National Hydrographic Center

Selamat Datang ke MAFDC!


View of KL Tower from our hotel room


Pretty Malaysian face (or is she really Malaysian?)

Sending you happy thoughts...

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