Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yogyakarta : A Traveler's Paradise

I've read about the Borobudur temples when I was still in high school. Intrigued by its history as an ancient Buddhist pilgrimage site, I promised myself that I'm going to see the awe-inspiring architectural structure someday. Lucky, indeed, I am for being given the opportunity to visit the place!

But there's more to Yogyakarta than Candi Borobudur! You may explore other ancient temples such as Prambanan (which I truly, really loved!), Ratu Boko, and Plaosan. The Kraton (Sultan's palace), Taman Sari (water castle), and underground mosque are also worth visting.

Yogya is also known for its batik so shop to your heart's content when in this beautiful city. Don't also forget to watch a Ramayana play!

Of course, Jogja is made more wonderful by its friendly locals. My short stay was made memorable by my host family (Siti & Maarten and their lovely kids Aurora & Silon) and their cool friends. :)

I'd always say yes to Yogya!  This historic place is indeed a traveler's paradise!

Yogyakarta International Airport
Yogyakarta Train Station
Ratu Boko
View atop Ratu Boko. You can see the temples of Prambanan on the right side of the photo.  
Ratu Boko
Ratu Boko
Candi Prambanan
Borobodur Temple
Borobodur Temple
Bas relief at Borobodur Temple
One of the 72 buddha statues locked inside a perforated stupa @ the  Borobodur Temple
Inside the Kraton (palace) compound

Taman Sari (Water Castle), the Sultan's playground
Underground mosque

Sending you happy thoughts...


  1. Interesting Ciel! Gusto ko din makapunta dito. :))

  2. @Che, gusto ko bumalik and stay there for at least week! There is so much to see and do. I haven't climbed Mt. Merapi. :)

    @soul explorer: Thanks to promo fares, I was able to go to Indonesia. Nag-aabang ulit. :)

  3. very nice Ciellie! puntahan ko din yan! =D

  4. Yup, you should go to Jogja! Isama mo si Cha! :)


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