Sunday, November 25, 2012

Project Lakbay Aral: The Mind Museum Tour

What is supposed to be just another birthday month celebration has turned into something more worthwhile.  Instead of holding the traditional birthday blow out and gift-giving activity, I decided to organize a trip to the science museum for indigent youth currently enrolled in the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Program of the VIDES Philippines Volunteers Foundation, Inc. 

I initially planned on bringing twenty students to The Mind Museum, because that's the most number of kids I can sponsor.  However, since I wanted more underprivileged youth to experience a fun, interactive, and enriching journey to the world of science, I informed a few friends about my plan.  Not surprisingly, my friends were very much supportive of the idea.  I got pledges for sponsorships. Project Lakbay Aral was born.      

The invitation to sponsor which I sent out to friends
I was expecting to send fifty students, at most, to the museum.  But the generosity and support of family and friends were simply amazing.  I managed to get sponsorhips for additional 85 underprivileged students and four VIDES staff!   

It sure is not easy to bring a total of 105 students to the museum. To make the tour more manageable, I had to break the group into two.  Batch 1, composed of 51 students and two VIDES staff, went to the museum on 11 November.  The second batch, composed of 52 students and two VIDES staff, had their tour last 18 November.  (Unfortunately, three students were not able to join the activity.)  

Batch 1
Batch 2
The students, including me, my friends, and the VIDES staff who joined the tour, had fun exploring what The Mind Museum has to offer.  We certainly enjoyed rediscovering the wonders of science.  

Students excitedly wait for their chance to explore the museum

Listening intently to the guides called Mind Movers
Robot Aedi welcomes everyone to the museum

Students from Delpan inspect the interactive Table of Elements



Of course, we could not let the students go home on a hungry stomach. They were treated to lunch! 

Batch 1 students line up for ice cream

Batch 2 students enjoying their lunch at the Mind Cafe

Everyone went home with loot bags containing a notebook, ballpen, pencil, and a science dictionary. 

Thanks to my fabulous friends for the love and support! I'm sending tons of good vibes your way! May God bless you always. 

Next year, we're taking the kids to a historical war museum.  We'd also give them a chance to meet and interact with war veterans so they may know and appreciate the value of peace and freedom.

Should you be interested in supporting Project Lakbay Aral, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Sending you happy thoughts...

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