Friday, May 6, 2011

Ripee and Caoimhe's Fun Day at the Fields

Meet Caoimhe.  She's a sweet lady who loves to learn and explore.

Last April 23, Caoimhe went with our family to Pampanga.  
She was so excited to explore the vast  rice fields.

With bare feet and with the wind playfully caressing her golden hair, 
the little lady turned the paddies into a catwalk.

She was also too happy to climb a tree!

She also went to explore Lola's vegetable garden 
and had a cozy time at the snake gourd plot. 
But guess who had much more fun? 

Ripee did, of course! 
He enjoyed swinging from one snake gourd to another. 
He was so happy to learn that the veggies were ready for picking. 
"These would make good soup!" he exclaimed.

Caoimhe walked farther and found herself in the watermelon patch. 
Unfortunately, the fruits weren't ready for picking yet.

So she continued exploring and found a carabao who was feeding on grass. 
How she wished she had the chance to ride the gentle animal.
"Next time, I will definitely ride a carabao," she said.

Meanwhile, Ripee amused himself by sliding on the stack of hay. 
The little rodent had such a blast! 
He even played with a few frogs jumping all over the golden straws.

By mid-afternoon, Caoimhe and Ripee got so tired exploring, playing, and running around 
so they took a short nap atop the haystack.

It was such a tiring, fun day, indeed.
Ripee met my cousins who instantly became his friends.

Caoimhe also found a sweet friend in Nicole.
Well, aren't they pretty?

Sending you happy thoughts...

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