Thursday, July 8, 2010

Space Invader

When exploring the streets of Paris, do keep an eye out for the interesting mosaics installed by the French graffiti artist known as “Invader” all over the city. The mosaics depict characters from his all-time favorite video game, Space Invaders. As of last count, he already managed to put up a total of 704 mosaics in the City of Lights.

Through this "Invasion Project", which he started in 1998, the artist intends to invade the world, city by city, with the little aliens. As of date, he has successfully invaded a total of 39 cities all over the globe. 

                    An inconspicuously placed mosaic.

           Rubik's cubes were used to create this mosaic.

I also spotted this Oscar the Grouch mosaic along Rue de la Ferronnerie.  Remember Mac's old trash icon?  This piece is a tribute to it.

If you want to know where the Invader placed the rest of his street mosaics, just head on to the Space Invaders Site.   You can also visit the Invader's Facebook Fan Page.

Happy hunting!

Sending you happy thoughts...

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