Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gelati Overload

A great Italian holiday wouldn't be complete without having a taste of the country's world-famous dessert, the gelato.  Some even believe that it's a crime not to indulge in this sinful, but heavenly treat.

So, indulge we did! Who can resist such delectable delights?  Intense, rich flavors in every scoop!  I absolutely loved the fruit-flavored ones, it's like eating the real fruits!  

To ensure an authentic gelato experience, just be on the lookout for the signs "produzione propria" and "artigianale".  The former means that the gelati are made on-site, the later means that the gelati are made the old-fashioned way (no artificial ingredients, only natural ones).

Worried much about fat and sugar content? Fret not! The good news is that gelato has lower butterfat content than ice cream.  It is said to contain an average of 4-8% butterfat as opposed to ice cream's 14%.  Sugar content is slightly lower at an average of 16-22% compared to approximately 21% for ice cream.  Healthier, fat-free gelato versions are also available.  

Gelaterias are found everywhere in Italy.  But where to find the best-tasting frozen delights? Hmmm... I say Florence! 

pistachio gelato

Sending you happy thoughts...

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