Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cambodian Odyssey

Get ready to ride a roller coaster of emotions as you explore the land of the Khmers.

Experience overwhelming wonder at the marvels and achievements of its ancient civilization... profound aversion towards the brutalities committed during Polpot's regime...enriching journey to the land's colorful history and mystical past... blissful culinary adventure and a punishing hangover the day after... genuine appreciation of the warm and friendly locals... shock at the sight of not-so-unusual-in-that-part-of-the-globe ganja street peddlers... thrilling hunt for dirt cheap, fabulous goodies...

A whole gamut of unforgettable adventure awaits you. Come and explore the Kingdom of Wonder!

Thanks to TF for this unforgettable experience! Thanks also to my travelmates and new-found friends for making the trip spectacularly amazing!

Ankor Wat

Ankor Wat grounds

Ankor Wat 

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