Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Christmas in August: VIDES Mission Camp 2009

VIDES Philippines held its 14th Mission Camp in Hacienda Malihao, Victorias City, Negros Occidental last August 23, 2009. 

56 VIDES volunteers, 30 medical volunteers, 87 volunteer trainees, with the help of the FMA Community in Malihao, the past pupils of St. Mary Mazzarello School, and numerous donors made the outreach activity possible.

After four years of running around and focusing on the task of capturing the VIDES Mission Camp scenes through photographic lens, I was very much happy to handle one of the children's groups. Despite the language barrier, my brother and I had a grand time bonding with the kids and facilitating the fun games and activities. (Thanks to Jinx, the local volunteer assistant assigned to our group, and whose name proved to be the exact opposite of her character.)

Sharing insights on children's rights

It was an enriching experience to share insights on children's rights with the kid participants. I gained precious nuggets of wisdom from them during the interactive activities and candid conversations we've had. Their sweet smiles, welcoming embraces, and genuine openness truly warmed my heart.

Chit chat time with some of the kids

Coming up with the group cheer

Photo ops with bruder

As it is said, “It is in giving that we receive.” Indeed, as in the past Mission Camps, I gained a lot from the experience --- friendship, love, new perspectives, happiness, and a deep sense of fulfillment.

Happy smiles

With the "koolits" gang


mango smile


Morning prayer

Kids from my group having fun on the swing

Welcome banner

A little girl watching from the sidelines

Praying before meals

Group picture


Sending you happy thoughts....

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