Monday, May 18, 2015

Images of Bhaktapur, Nepal

Bhaktapur Durbar Square before the earthquake

My heart bleeds for Nepal. I weep even more for Bhaktapur, my favorite place in that lovely country.  

I enjoyed wandering around aimlessly in this medieval city. Its old world charm entralled and fascinated me. I got lost in its maze-like alleys and passageways a couple of times, but the locals were just too glad to point me to the right direction each time I asked for help.



Thanks to my dear friend Krishna, his lovely family, and awesome friends for making my days in Bhaktapur so much memorable. I've learned so much about the Nepali culture, particularly Newari traditions and beliefs, because of them.


It is quite noteworthy to mention that I met two old men from Bhaktapur who were so glad that our paths crossed. One is the patriarch of the Peacock Paper Factory and the other one is the father of my friend's friend. They both said they have made Filipino friends a long time ago and haven't seen someone who come from our country in years, decades even.

I bring home with me the smiles, hospitality, and kindness of the Newari people of Bhaktapur. I know that I shall be back. 



Sending you happy thoughts...

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